What is Copywriting & How is It Used?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard the terms “copy” and “copywriter” thrown about. Each is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, both online and in print. So, what is copywriting?

Simply put, a copywriter creates engaging content that spurs a reader into action. That content is called “copy” which is just a fancy way of saying text. When compared to other forms of marketing content, you’ll find copywriters specialize in creating simple, straightforward copy designed to spark engagement.

It often consists of a short, but powerful tagline that draws the reader in and a paragraph or two of well-focused content that communicates the company’s message and purpose. People encounter the work of copywriters every day without realizing it. Everything from billboards and websites to emails and advertisements features the work of a copywriter.

When the copy is effective, it results in the reader doing something such as signing up for a service or purchasing a product. If the reader likes what they read, there’s a better chance they’ll click on, opt-in, or purchase whatever it is that’s being advertised.

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Examples of Effective Copywriting

When it comes to copywriting, there are several ways to make sure your work sparks engagement. Here are a few copywriting examples that demonstrate effective marketing.

Copywriting Gets to the Point

Headlines should get straight to the point! Good copywriting orients your readers as soon as possible and gives a call-to-action.

Quid’s homepage accomplishes this perfectly. Simplicity is key. The website draws in readers by offering the driving purpose of the app immediately. There’s no need for exceptionally witty lines. Giving the reader a simple yet motivating reason to look further into the product is all that’s necessary. The website itself is easy to navigate via the top menu but it’s the copy that inspires the reader to click.

Copywriting Uses Facts

Good copywriting keeps it simple. Rather than burying the lead, the copy gets straight to the point. Keeping it simple lets your readers know exactly what they’re signing up for.

The popular streaming service, Hulu, demonstrates this really well. Their best deal is displayed on a well-crafted landing page. The reader knows exactly what they’ll get and how much it will cost them. They also prominently display a button to start a free trial, which entices the reader to click. The facts, complimented only by a simple-yet-effective tagline, do most of the talking.

Copywriting Draws on the Benefits

Copywriting, when does well, uses benefits to convince your audience to act. If your product or service doesn’t benefit your audience in some way, they have no reasons to make a purchase. Demonstrating the versatility of a product is one way to put the user in control and to inspire engagement.

Tumber’s home page is a great example of this. Using a simple tagline “so easy it’s hard to explain” sells the reader on ease of use. The copy below the tagline continues to sell the benefits of versatility the website provides. By telling the user they can decide how they will put Tumblr to use, the copy brings the main appeal of the website to the reader’s attention immediately.

Effective Copywriting Can Give Your Business a Boost

All in all, effective copywriting is essential when attempting to reach a specific audience. But, it should be noted that just because you write well, doesn’t mean you can write effective copy.

There are many factors that go into writing copy that generates the conversions you’re looking for. A professional copywriter will be able to put these key elements (SEO keywords, CTAs, etc) into action, as well as use copy designed to evoke a response from your target audience. More importantly, your target audience will react in a specific way; whether that’s joining your email list or making a purchase.

If you have big goals in mind for your business and are thinking about hiring a copywriter to help you accomplish them, check out these hiring tips—and be sure to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about my copywriting services.

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Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison is a freelance copy and content writer with a degree in English Studies from North Dakota State University. She specializes in writing content for the home building and remodeling industry, though she has clients in a diverse range of industries. Currently residing in the Midwest, Katie serves clients from Minnesota and beyond. Interested in working with Katie? Take a peek at her portfolio or schedule a discovery call.