5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email List

I bet you didn’t know when you landed on this post you’d be taking a pop quiz! Don’t worry, there’s only one question and since it’s true or false, you’ve got a 50% chance of passing. Plus, I believe in you! Ready? Here it is.

True or False: Growing an email list is one of the most important tools of an online business or blog?

If you said true, do a little happy dance and give yourself a pat on the back!

An email list is a must-have tool for business owners and bloggers utilizing an online space. As true as this is, a lot of people put off starting an email list, so it’s no surprise many of them categorize it as one of their biggest regrets in relation to their business. So, why does something seemingly as insignificant as an email list hold so much power?

Your email list is so important because it keeps you connected with your readers.

Are you thinking, “there are other ways to connect with my readers?” Technically, you’d be right; there are other ways to connect with your readers, but the beauty of an email list is that it gives you more opportunities to nurture that connection.

Rather than talking to the masses through social media captions or blog posts, the content you send to your email list is crafted in a way that speaks directly to the reader…almost like a one-on-one conversation.

Still not convinced? Maybe you already have an email list but it’s been neglected while you focus on other things. Either way, it’s time to get a new perspective and make your email list a priority. With that in mind, here are five reasons your online business needs an email list.

If your business exists in the online space, you need an email list. While it may seem like one more thing to do, an email list has so many great benefits.

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1. Social Media Ranks Second to Your Email List

Don’t get me wrong, building a social media following for you business is important. Social media offers a way to promote your content and connect with your audience, but growing your social media following shouldn’t be your main focus.

Instead, you should use it to drive your audience to your site and convert them into email list subscribers. Here are the two biggest reasons why:

A) You Don’t Own Your Social Media Accounts

Whether you pay someone to manage your social media for you or you do it yourself, there’s a lot of time and money invested. The problem is, no matter how much time you spend hours planning content and perfecting captions for your social media accounts, you don’t own those accounts. That means you could lose it all in the blink of an eye. Your account could get hacked or the platform could disappear, causing you to lose your content and followers without warning.

If you lose access to your social media and the followers you worked so hard to get, how will you contact your audience?

B) It Can Be Nearly Impossible to Reach Your Target Audience

Social media can be so frustrating. Algorithms are constantly changing and the sad truth is, even if you’re posting quality content every time, only a small percentage of your followers are seeing it. So, the chances of your audience missing your best content or important information are sky-high.

Spending so much time on what you’re putting out there for such a small payoff can make you feel defeated. Even worse than that, it can make you question whether all the work is worth it.

Sounds awful, right?

With an email list, you control what your audience sees because it’s being delivered directly to their inbox. That means your audience sees the important messages and the content is delivered in the exact order it’s meant to be seen.

2. Your Email List Helps You Connect With Your Audience

There are so many benefits to having an email list but one of the best is having a direct line of communication with your target audience.

More than likely, someone opted into your email list because they:

  • Wanted an offer or service you provided
  • Found your content to be helpful
  • Felt a connection with you or your brand’s message

Regardless of the reason for opting in, your audience wants to hear from you.

Having an email list of authentic followers gives you a platform to be more personable with your audience and let them get to know you. It also works the other way around because you’re able to learn more about them.

You get access to important data like:

  • What they’re struggling with
  • What they’d like to see from you
  • How your content is resonating with them

Having this direct line to your audience will help you serve them better and when they know you care about what they have to say, it builds trust and loyalty.

Katie Jenison is a freelance copy and content writer with a degree in English Studies from North Dakota State University. She specializes in writing content for the home building and remodeling industry, though she has clients in a diverse range of industries. Currently residing in the Midwest, Katie serves clients from Minnesota and beyond. Interested in working with Katie? Take a peek at her portfolio or schedule a discovery call.

3. Your Email List Helps to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Did you know…

Using your email list strategically can generate more traffic for your website, increase your social media shares, and grow your social media presence?

True story!

As noted above, email is much more personal than writing a blog post because it lets you talk directly to your audience in a one-on-one, informal setting. Doing so creates a deeper connection with your reader and they’re more likely to act on your invitation to follow you on social media, hit reply and answer your question, or share your latest post on Pinterest.

4. Your Email List Can Help You Build Credibility as a Brand

You don’t want to be just another voice on the internet. You want to be a trusted resource for your audience. The content you put out on your website or blog goes a long way in building credibility with your audience, but it doesn’t stop there.

Your email list plays a part, too.

The primary focus of what you send your list should be to serve them in a way that they find valuable.

Long story short: While you may be tempted to focus on selling to your email list, your email list subscribers need to trust you before they’ll buy from you.

…Are you starting to sense an overall theme here?

Instead of focusing solely on selling to your list, focus on serving them first.

Do this by sharing insider information or helpful tips and tricks. Your audience will see you not only as an expert in your industry but also as someone who’s opinion they value. Before you know it, you’ll be a go-to resource for your audience. With that foundation of trust firmly in place, your audience will feel more comfortable making a purchase for your product or service, or something you recommend.

5. Your Email List Can Increase Your Profits

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the money’s in the list?”

As an online business or blog, it’s safe to say one of your big goals is to make money. Whether that’s by selling digital products like a course or services like freelance writing, an email list can be your biggest asset.

In the words of Melyssa Griffin, “email subscribers are more likely to be product buyers.”

The people on your email list are genuinely invested and engaged, giving you the opportunity to create targeted content that actually serves them.

It’s important to note here that constantly sending your email list spammy, sales-driven emails will have people hitting “unsubscribe” without thinking twice. Don’t do that!

Instead, focus on how you can serve them FIRST and making money second. Continually offering high quality, helpful content for free is what is going to build trust with your email list and encourage them to buy when the time comes.

What are You Waiting For?

Now that you know why email lists are so important, it’s time to stop putting off starting your email list and just do it! Not sure how to start an email list? Get in touch for more information about email marketing for your business.

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Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison

Katie Jenison is a freelance copy and content writer with a degree in English Studies from North Dakota State University. She specializes in writing content for the home building and remodeling industry, though she has clients in a diverse range of industries. Currently residing in the Midwest, Katie serves clients from Minnesota and beyond. Interested in working with Katie? Take a peek at her portfolio or schedule a discovery call.